Medium Maple Palote! Order Now!
Child's Maple Palote! Makes a great gift!
Maple 12"
(12 x 1 1/4)
Maple Child's
(12 x 1)
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Tortilla Rolling Pins
Mesquite 14"
(14 x 1 1/4)
Beautiful Mesquite Rolling Pin! Order Now!
Mesquite Cutting Board!
Mesquite Pastry Pin!
Beautiful Tortilla Rolling Pins!
Traditional flour tortilla rolling pins. Perfect for rolling out tortillas. Invite little ones to help make tortillas with our kid friendly palote! 
Made in the USA.
Makes a great gift!
Mesquite 12"
(12 x 1 1/4)
Beautiful Mesquite Rolling Pin! Order Now!
Maple and Mesquite Rolling Pins
Maple 14"
(14 x 1 1/4)
Maple Palote! Order Now!