How to Cure a Molcajete
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Authentic Molcajete!
The molcajete is an ancient kitchen essential. This mortar and pestle is what the people of Mexico use to make sauces for cooking. Used to grind cumin seed, garlic, fresh or roasted
peppers and tomato.

The best tasting food is made from sauces made in the molcajete. They have a fresher and more authentic taste. Because the molcajete is hand crafted of volcanic rock, it must
first be cured if it is to be used for food purposes. We hope you enjoy using the molcajete!

1. Put a handful of uncooked rice or salt into the molcajete and grind into the surface of the bowl with the pestle.

2. Discard the ground rice or salt. Repeat this process until the rice or salt are clean.

3. Some have found that boiling it for 20 minutes will help clean and sanitize the molcajete. We do not recommend using soap.

Once the molcajete is cured you will want to wash it with water and a vegetable brush.